Why I moved my hosting to GreenGeeks.com

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Well obviously, we have a website that uses Ecommerce on the WordPress platform or you can say we have a website that sells stuff and it looks nice. With that said there are a number of reasons we chose to change my hosting provider.

We were originally with Godaddy and they were great. They were very easy to work with, had 24 hour customer service and an easy WordPress set up. I still have another site with them but there were issues with my E-commerce that they could not correct. We use Woocommerce for our store and there was an issue with upgrading the store that could not get resolved by them. Everything we checked came back to restrictions from the provider. It may have been a firewall issue or something else, but no one at GoDaddy could figure it out and Woocommerce support suggested that it most likely was the provider.

We looked into Bluehost which I have only heard good things about but for us to transfer our store over to their hosting would have cost us $150 just to move the products. That was a bit much and it was money we didn’t want to spend.

Then we looked into GreenGeeks.com for our hosting and they were the ones that got our business for a number of reasons. They transferred the entire site at no cost and set everything up for us.  We also get our domain free as long as we host a site with them. This sounded like a great deal, but the more we looked into the company we realized they were much more in-line with our values then the other companies. GreenGeeks.com is one of the most Eco Friendly hosting company out there. I always feel that we have to do our part to help the environment for not only us, but those who will be here long after we are gone. I certainly do not want my kids and their kids to have to clean up the messes we have made by not being Eco conscious. So go ahead, check them out for yourself and see the reasons to use them as a hosting provider.

Since switching to GreenGeeks.com we have had no issues with our WordPress site or any issues with Woocommerce. The load times have been very fast and when there has been a question, they have been very responsive.

Not saying there aren’t other hosting companies that may be better suited for your business, but for us, GreenGeeks.com checked all the boxes and we can feel good about doing our part in helping to keep the environment cleaner. What more could you ask for?

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