When I say WE I’m Talking About Family

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From left to right: Jonathan, Jayden and Jacob

What I mean by this is that I often refer to Laid-Back Life as WE have done this or WE have done that. In fact, when I use the word we, what I am referring to is me and my family. We are really just one big team like gears in a clock all working together to make everything tick tock. I was looking to create something that represents not only what I want for myself but also for my family. Something that represents the opposite of the rat race and 80 hour workweeks. Now, with that said there are times I still work many hours, but when it’s promoting Laid-Back Life it’s doesn’t feel like work because it’s something I love to do, I mean who doesn’t want to live a Laid-Back Life? Am I right or what?

So, I am the merchandise designer, web designer, E-commerce person, blog writer and owner of the company. There are many hats I have to wear but my favorite is the creator, designer hat. Just put on some good reggae or Jack Johnson and let the creative juices start flowing.

Like raising kids to be productive young adults, they say, “It takes a village”. Well, it is pretty much the same building a business into something successful. It takes a lot more than just myself behind the scenes.

From left to right Jacob, Tammy and Me (Dan) with the goofy smile

My oldest son handles the social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We collaborate on ideas for new and hip designs and on how to promote the business.  He is also a very good spokesperson for the company, always talking about the Laid-Back Life brand to his friends and trying to make sales. While he may look like a Bob Marley, with his long dreds,  he is a very smart and highly motivated individual. My wife helps a lot on tweaking the designs and letting me bounce ideas for a new shirts off her. She is great for helping me the feminine side of the products and is the accountant, making sure I stay in check with the expenses.  And then, there are my two younger boys. They wear a lot of our shirts to school like walking billboards for the company and are always ready to talk about their dad’s business.

So as you can see while I may be doing a lot on my own I have to give credit to everyone involved. Without everyones help Laid-Back Life would not be a success.

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