What Kind of Shirts Do You Print On?

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We here at Laid-Back Life have been asked so many times what kind of shirts do you print on. They say we have some of the softest and most comfortable shirts they have ever worn. That is great to hear for us. Making sure our customers are satisfied is priority one. We have done a great deal of research in this area of our business. Anyone can print on a shirt. But I have drawers full of shirts I have gotten from different places that just aren’t comfortable to wear. Some shirts are too tight in the collar and feel like they are choking me, and some, the sleeves flare out like wings and that doesn’t look good on anyone.

So what is the shirt we use for our printing?

3001 Black and grey shirtsWe tried samples from Hanes to Gildan to American Apparel and all these shirts are decent shirts but they weren’t exactly what we wanted to use as our go to garment. We have researched reviews of many shirts and their manufacturing processes, and after all that we have come to the conclusion that Bella Canvas shirts are the most comfortable, consistent and stay true to the size shirts we have found. Bella Canvas also is a sweatshop free company, which for us is very important. We do not want our brand on any garment that comes from a sweatshop. No way! We also want to make sure that what you buy is a quality product that will last. After all it has the Laid-Back Life name on it.

As for printing, all printing is done here in the U.S. using the Bella Canvas garments. For small quantity prints like one-ups we use a company that specializes in Direct To Garment printing and for larger quantities we will use a screen printer located in Baltimore.

We do our best to keep everything within the USA to help our own economy and if at all possible within our same state. We could probably go with a printer in China or Taiwan but that is just taking the work away from our country and to be honest I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for. I have always been a supporter of products made in the USA and quality products over just getting our design out there. We hope you find this information helpful and give you some insight into your thoughts on how we do business.

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