Recycling Plastics to Make Money

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As entrepreneurs, we are always looking for ways to improve life and to help other like-minded entrepreneurs. We came across this site and thought, this is pretty damn awesome! So, we figured we would pass it along to anyone else and give them a shout out at the same time.

This company is called Preciousplastic and their concept is really amazing. They will give you all the information you need to start recycling plastics and then make things with them to sell. They will give you all the diagrams to make the equipment for free. They just want to spread the word about recycling and get more people involved.

We think it’s a worthy cause. Check out their site It’s amazing what they are doing. There is a whole community of people recycling and creating new products. It just great that they are willing to share all this info for free.

Anything to help keep the oceans, lakes and rivers free of plastics is a good thing. We do our part to recycle or reuse all we can here at Laid-Back Life and spreading the word about a worthy cause is just another way we can help.



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