Laid-Back Life 2017 Review

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Well I have to say there has definitely been some highs and lows this year, but all in all things are looking good for the Laid-Back Life brand.

As far as production goes we have added many new designs and products to the website. For winter there are a number of beanies to choose from for hitting the slopes and a few more hoodies have been added as well. We are continually adding new t-shirt designs and are making sure the quality stays high.

We are continuing to grow our presence on facebook, instagram and twitter while also getting more subscribers to our newsletter. The newsletter is great because it’s a short read and there is always something new about the company, or a coupon, or information about a new product we are starting to sell. It is worth it to take the 10 seconds it takes to sign up. We won’t spam you and newsletters go out about once a month, so it won’t clog up you email.

Just watching this brand grow and being able to interact with so many likeminded people has really been the highlight for us this year. Even though all this is a lot of work it has truly been a labor of love.

On a personal note there have been a number of lows that have come about this year for us. My wife was diagnosed with Conversion Disorder also known as Functional Neurological System Disorder. Which is an uncommon and difficult to treat disorder that mimics the symptoms of ALS, MS, and a number of other neurological disorders. The good news is that we have found treatment for her and she is making progress. We also lost a few members of our family in the past few months.

Jeremy my cousin

My cousin Jeremy was struck by a car while he was riding his bike home from work. At 26 years old he had already biked across the US for the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults and was full of love and life. Way too soon to go.

Grandpop at 95

We also lost our Grandpop at 95 years young. He was not you typical old man at all, he had all his wits about him and I loved to talk to him and just listen to what he had to say. An avid square dancer, he was one of a kind.

So, looking to 2018 Laid-Back Life will continue to grow and we are trying to get placed in some local shops here at the Delaware beaches and anywhere else we can. We are also going to try and raise awareness for Conversion Disorder, since there are very few doctors that know of this disorder. We are going to continue to come up with more designs and add more products to our store and help everyone live a Laid-Back Life.

Wishing you and your families a Merry Christmas, a Wonderful Holiday Season and a Healthy and Happy New Year!!

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